Crawl Space Encapsulation

  • January 8, 2015

Crawl Space Encapsulation Services and Pest Management Go Together!

Crawlspaces are dark, dirty and humid places with plenty of wood to eat. This doesn’t describe where you or I would like to live but for many insects and mold, it’s the perfect environment! Crawl space repair and encapsulation is a great way to avoid many problems like these and is a growing specialty service for Envirotech Pest Solutions Pest Control in Littleton, CO who transforms moist, damaged and poor energy performing crawl spaces into dry, protected and energy efficient spaces.

Crawl Space Repair and Encapsulation

Two Birds, One Stone

Crawl space repair and encapsulation solves both insect and mold problems. First, there are the insects that prosper in such settings, like termites and other wood boring insects. Along with these insects often comes the additional fungus growth that can alter the air quality in the home, heightening allergies and asthma symptoms and also bringing the possibility of structural damage. In the past this had been a problem that was fought and often times lost. Fortunately, with so many recent technological advancements, there are now solutions to many of these problems.

Protect Your Investment and Your Environment

Crawl space repair and encapsulation is a great way to protect your investment as well as ridding your environment of the damp odor that comes with these problems. It is important to get the right man for the job so that it is done appropriately. Ross Environmental Solutions Pest Control in Cherry Hill, and Deptford NJ offers expert crawlspace encapsulation and moisture control that result in improved energy efficiency and air quality.

The approaches by Envirotech Pest Solutions and Ross are both comprehensive;

  • the area is thoroughly inspected
  • any infestations are eliminated
  • clean up and removal of existing insulation
  • spraying of a bacteria-enzyme odor control (or sanitizing the whole area)
  • installation of new form free insulation and 6 mil plastic to stop moisture releasing from the earth
  • hot and cold water pipes are wrapped
  • access exclusion to prevent pests, rodents and wildlife from returning

Professional pest control companies like these transform your musty crawl spaces into clean, dry and energy efficient spaces. And because they are exterminators by trade, they are best equipped to deal with any pest infestations you may encounter.


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