The Difference Between Advertising and Marketing

  • January 30, 2018

Occasionally we are asked what the difference is between advertising and marketing. Sometimes they are thought to be the same thing, but it is important to understand the difference. It can be explained as a pie (or a pizza, or a cake – all things that we love). When you are trying to increase your sales and generate leads, you want all the ingredients of the pie working together for you. Advertising is one ingredient of the pie, whereas marketing makes up all of the ingredients in the pie.

What is Advertising?

Advertising is letting people know about you and making your service known in your community or area of reach. It is essentially ‘getting the word out’. This is done with strategically placed billboards or well thought out radio and newspaper ads. This also includes advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Other options of advertising may include mailing information through the community, ads in magazines, television commercials, or various internet ads. Advertising creatively uses the media to send out information. It is done with thought and reason, and with a specific strategy.

Advertising does work, but it should never be used alone to meet your company’s goals. Remember, this is just one ingredient of the pie. If you only have the crust, while very tasty, it does not complete its whole objective or meet all of its goals of becoming a pie. Therefore, you need marketing, which provides all of the ingredients.

What is Marketing?

We always say that nothing happens unless marketing happens first. Marketing is a process and includes all the possible ways of reaching customers. It includes public relations, web presence, media planning, marketing research, design and creation, data mining and how to best reach a target audience.

All marketing elements must work on their own, as well as together. So let’s continue with our pie analogy (and let’s choose chocolate!). For it turn out properly and taste delicious, you need the right crust, you have to perfectly measure each of the ingredients for the filling, you need the whipping cream whipped just right, and it has to chill in the refrigerator. Then when each component is done perfectly on its own, they are combined together to make a delicious tasting pie. Easier said than done right? Marketing is the same. There are many variables in a marketing campaign, and each of those variables plays a role in the success of the campaign.  

Why You Need Us

While advertising and marketing have the same goal, they are achieved quite differently. Marketing is both research and practice, and the most effective way to generate leads. Advertising is a component of marketing, but should never be used alone when trying to reach customers about your products and services.

It is difficult to generate a whole marketing campaign on your own. At Pestnet®, we continue to utilize all available online channels to drive web traffic and generate leads and sales for our pest control clients. We have done the research and continue to keep up with the demands and needs of our clients and their communities. We are still the industry leader and can deliver exclusive pest service leads. Our lead generation campaigns are 100% transparent, fully trackable and require no long-term contracts. We can help your business grow with our proven lead generation campaigns customized to your business. 


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