What Do Flea Bites Look Like?

The mouthparts of a flea are capable of puncturing skin and sucking blood.  Humans prefer pets as hosts to human hosts.  However, if pets are overrun with fleas, or if a pet has been removed from the house, fleas may use humans as a new source of blood.  Flea bites are generally found on the lower part of the body, such as the thigh and calf.  This is because fleas are wingless, and must rely on their ability to jump.

So what do flea bites look like, and how can one diagnose a flea bite? Flea bites on a human are small, red, and typically raised.  It is most common for fleas to bite multiple times, so bites should appear in groups.  A puncture wound is often visible in the middle of the redness.  These bites are itchy, but will itch even more if scratched.  Scratching can also turn the bite into a wound, leaving your tissue open for a bacterial infection.  It is possible for fleas to carry disease, but this is quite rare.  Watch the bite area for signs of infection.  If symptoms appear, including increased swelling or a visible infection, seek medical attention.

Eliminating fleas from pets is the quickest way to prevent fleas from biting humans.  Flea bites on dogs are difficult to see because of the amount of fur.  However, large flea infestations cause hair to fall out and skin infections to occur.  Consult a veterinarian about the proper treatment based on the age and size of your animal.  Flea dips are available that will quickly rid your animal of fleas.  Other products are available for puppies or older dogs.