Fly Control 

Fly Control – Pest Control for Flies

With the sheer number of diseases that flies can spread to humans, prevention is key for reducing the risks of a full scale infestation. Pest control is usually fairly simple with cleanliness at the forefront. Pest control for flies includes the following:

Identify the flies: By understanding flies’ eating and breeding patterns, elimination of their presence is made much easier. It is especially important to know where eggs are laid to ensure complete extermination.

Sanitation: Eggs are typically laid in feces of animals or rotting food within dumpsters or garbage cans. Sanitation of these areas is critical in controlling fly populations. Without adequate laying options, flies will move on to a more desirable location.

Bait traps: Flies can be exterminated with fly traps or baits. Baits come in the form of small pellets that can be placed in or around the infested area (most likely a garbage receptacle or stable area). The flies are attracted to the poisonous pellets and will die less than a minute after consumption.

Extermination: If you find do-it-yourself pest control does not work, professional extermination may be recommended.

Fly Control Can Be Difficult
Fly Control Can Be Difficult