What Are These Tiny Flies In my house?

Little house flies are most likely to make an appearance during spring and fall. They are not seen as often during warmer summer months. Little house flies are two-thirds smaller than the house fly. These little flies are often found on residential porches and in breezeways, approximately five or six feet in the air. They may include fruit flies, moth flies and phorid flies.

The little flies prefer to gather outdoors in areas such as garages and patios. They do, however, look for indoor environments or dense garden areas once temperatures drop. These flies rarely make a landing on food and don’t carry great risk of diseases. They do make a nuisance of themselves when hanging out at head height, but do scatter when someone draws near.

Less common but still present in homes are fruit flies, which take up residence when ripe fruit is in the house. If your fly problem appears suddenly during the fall, it may be fruit flies as their numbers increase when there is an abundance of fruits and vegetables ready to be eaten. Eliminating the flies may be as simple as disposing of the excess fruits and vegetables.

If the fly problem persists, it may be because the flies have already established breeding sites. In such cases, look for signs of manure or rotting organic matter. The best course of action is to remove these sites completely. An alternative is to dry the sites by airing them out. Do not use standard house fly traps as they don’t generally attract little house flies. However, an easy solution is to use fans, which create air movements that disturb the little house flies. These fans should be placed in the areas where the flies are most prevalent.