What are these small flying bugs in our house?

Small flying bugs in the house

Nothing is more annoying than pesky bugs flying through the house. One common bug that tends to make its way into the house is the fruit fly. These small flies have red eyes and a body that is brownish-yellow.  Sound eerie? They flies tend to linger around certain areas in the kitchen: dishes that need to be washed, fruit, and trash cans. Big groups of them also tend to congregate where there is food that is rotting. The best way to prevent infestations of the fruit flies by cleaning up messes immediately, particularly food or beverages that have spilled; taking out the trash on a regular basis; washing dishes; and storing fruit in the fridge instead of on the countertop. To eliminate fruit flies, spray them with soap and water and then wipe them up with a paper towel. Fly swatters are effective as well.

Drain or moth flies also make their way into homes, perhaps even more so during the summer months. The small flies have fuzzy wings—thus, they are occasionally mistaken as moths. Adult flies usually stay close to drains as they typically infest pipes that move away from floor drains. This is most often the drain in the tub, shower, or laundry room.

To get rid of these flies, it’s best to get rid of the breeding site, or the organic material that builds up inside the drain. There is likely a clogged or slow drain in the house if there are drain or moth flies buzzing around. It’s important to locate the drain and clean it. Liquid drain cleaner won’t cut it; you must actually take the material out that is responsible for the clog—including the larvae. This will help solve the problem as the larvae will be killed. Adult flies will still be alive, but they will only live a few more weeks.