Get More For Your Marketing Dollars By Improving Call Handling

  • August 11, 2017

One of the many extra benefits of our lead generation service is improved call handling and increased conversion rates of leads into sales. This is not just with our campaigns and our leads, but company-wide. This is possible through simply reviewing the calls, and then taking the necessary steps to make improvements over time.

Ideas To Grow Your Sales

Think about this- What are the ways to get more for your marketing dollars you spend to grow your company and make more sales? Here are a few ideas:

  1. Increase marketing budget – This should increase volume. (Although, it might be less effective to begin with and then you’re only increasing a less effective albeit sort-of working marketing initiate.)
  2. Create more compelling advertisements – This makes your current budget go further; not a bad idea at all.
  3. Reduce waste in current advertisements you are running – Another good idea, and something you should be constantly working on.
  4. Lower prices to get more sales –In Economics 101 we learn that this is not always a good idea! You don’t need to create a supply and demand chart to find your optimal price, but you can get an idea of what changing prices will do to your company by examining or surveying your area.
  5. 1 Thousandth Idea – You can see this list can go on forever…. Brainstorm lists of ideas that will create change or growth in your company through marketing. Is this attending the community fair, sending your child to dance class with fliers, putting a vinyl sticker on your car window? Exploring other ideas and options, thinking outside of the box, and brainstorming new opportunities can help create pathways to get your name out there. It can also be overwhelming- don’t try to do too much at once.

The point is what do all of these initiatives have in common? While most of all of them are good to do, or at least worth exploring, in all of these examples achieving a big increase in sales is difficult or even impossible. Doubling your marketing budget doubles sales, but it also doubles the cost. Creating more compelling ads requires lots of effort and even can be quite expensive to test in the market place. It is often possible, especially within the pest control industry, to sometimes double, triple, or even quadruple sales conversion rates by making simple and easily executable (and sometimes even free!) changes.

Improved Call Handling Increases Sales Conversion Rates

So what are they ways to increase sales conversion rates? The best way to do this is to Answer the phone! This is probably the best step forward in the right direction due to the fact that in our industry, it’s one of the biggest problems. The problem of unanswered phones has a big negative effect on achieving the goal of high lead-to-sale close ratios.

  1. Answer the Phone – Studies show, leads want to talk if they are calling and they only leave a message 40% of the time. The other 60% are off to find a competitor to assist them with their needs. Also, a large percent of the leads that do leave a voicemail will continue their search despite leaving a message.
  2. Call Back Immediately – Return calls from voicemails left and even missed calls that didn’t leave a message. If you miss a call, don’t just give up. Call them back as soon as humanly possible to save the sale. This will go a long way to boost your overall close rates.
  3. Answer Phones at Night – Sounds crazy, but you aren’t the only one too busy to deal with regular life things during the day, like getting a pest problem resolved. Potential customers work during the day and oftentimes need to do their new PCO hiring activities after work hours, or even in the evening times. They are typically impressed that you answered, especially after getting a few “out-of-office” recordings before calling you.
  4. Follow Up On Leads That Didn’t Close – For any lead that failed to close, we recommend contacting them again 24 hours later, 48 hours later and then 1 week later to see if they are still looking for a solution to their pest problem. A lot of these leads eventually close, so don’t leave them without the proper follow-up they deserve.
  5. Stay on Script – Following a script doesn’t mean you have to be a robot on the phone. On the contrary, a script can help guide you along the path of helping a potential customer understand the benefits of your services, how they can actually help solve their pest issue, and waste less of their valuable time throughout the process. It’s also a great training tool for call handlers that are new or need to make improvements in their call handling. For training, it’s easier to tell someone to not deviate so much from the script, than to nit-pick each less-effective habit they have on the phones. Once they are on script, it is much easier to make minor adjustments to how they handle the calls to help them move in the direction of amazingly high lead-to-sale close rates.

Your marketing dollars are precious and each dollar should be effective in closing sales. There are a lot of great ideas for growing your marketing and increasing your sales, but it is important to consider the opportunities to take advantage of right in your office that can be most effective in assuring your marketing dollars are not wasted. The most effective way to do this is improved call handling. This is done by reviewing the recorded calls that come to your office and evaluating them for improvement. With improved call handling you will see an increase in your sale conversion rates and right now is a great time to begin the process of evaluating these calls and making changes.


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