Giving Five Star Service to Get Five Star Reviews

  • November 5, 2017
We all love to see how many stars a movie has when it comes out, or the ratings of a restaurant when we are looking for a place to eat. We rely on the opinions of others when making simple or complex decisions. Even the things we buy are sometimes decided based on the reviews of others. Knowing this, we can expect that decisions of a potential costumer to use one company or its competition are sometimes left completely in the hands of those writing the reviews. Therefore, it is important to consistently provide that 5 star quality service. By providing this 5 star service, there will only be good to say about your company.
After our lead generation campaign brings leads to your business and you capture that lead by improved call handling, how do you treat your customers to earn those coveted 5 star reviews?

Be a 5 Star Team

While there are many ways to provide a 5 star service, here are a few tips and ideas that we think are most effective in building a 5 star team and providing a 5 star service.

Be Responsive

Be aware and responsive to your customers’ needs. Customers always have expectations, and your service will present itself as a 5 star service if you understand and meet their expectations. Ask the right questions, answer their questions, answer your phone, return their calls, and be available and responsive!

Be On Time

There is nothing worse than knowing that your service will arrive sometime between 9am and 9pm either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. ‘Ain’t nobody got time for that!’ While many times jobs are unpredictable and it is difficult to know where you’ll be during the day, you can provide estimated timelines and stay in contact. Most people understand how that works. However, they are less understanding when their 4pm appointment rolls around and they get a call 30 minutes later saying nobody will make it and they will have to reschedule to another week.

Be Positive and Polite

Nobody wants a grump in their home, so make sure your employees understand the importance of being positive and polite. Positive people leave positive feelings, and those positive feelings lead to 5 star reviews! It is easy to always have a positive and polite upbeat conversation. Negatives of the company or the job are an especially big NO NO when having a conversation with customers. Be polite and courteous through the whole process. Smiles are the easiest and freest thing to give away and help maintain a positive attitude and experience. It is also one of the best customer service tools.

Be Honest

Do what you say you are going to do and charge what you said you would charge. It is quite important to be honest and upfront with your customers. Do not ever leave them feeling as though they were taken advantage of or ‘snookered’, as my dad would say. Maintaining a reputation of honesty and integrity will provide more good for your business than you will ever realize.

Be Consistent

Your process of customer service needs to be easily duplicatable. Often times, one employee creates the 5 star experience, but the next is unsure and unable to do so. Your reputation and brand are in the hands of those who are working for you. It is crucial to provide easily duplicatable steps or procedures that any employee can follow. Customers like to know what they can count on and expect, and if they are treated different every time or the service is different every time, it becomes confusing and frustrating for them. Be consistent in training employees and so they can be consistent in how they represent your company.

Encourage Customers to Leave Reviews

When you know a customer has had a good experience, encourage them to leave a good review. Often times only bad reviews are left online, so it is important to encourage and guide the good reviews to be submitted online. Remember, customers are looking online to make their choice, so you want to make sure they are seeing all the good things!

More Than Just 5 Stars

By providing your quality service with quality customer service, you are sure to get repeat customers, referrals, and plenty of great 5 star reviews! Remember those 5 stars represent so much more than just 5 stars on an internet search. To consumers, they represent honesty, a quality service, wonderful customer service, and a company they can rely on. Strive to be that, what the 5 stars stand for, as you’re working to get those 5 star reviews!

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