6 Tips for Increasing Close Rates for Pest Leads

  • December 1, 2016

Sales close ratesThe old saying is true, “leads don’t buy groceries, sales do!” Of course leads are only valuable if they are quality leads and oftentimes, the quality of certain sales leads is judged on how well they close. But close rates are not a one-way street. The salesperson fielding the call shares in the responsibility of achieving high sales close rates as well.

6 Tips for Increasing Lead to Sale Closing Ratio

So what are you doing to improve your close rates? Here are 6 tips you need to implement to double, triple or even quadruple your pest control leads to sales closing ratio:

  1. Answer the Phone – Sounds obvious but some leads go unanswered. Its important to think about possible night-time and weekend answering solutions as well.
  2. Call Back on Unanswered Calls or Messages Fast – If you do happen to miss a lead call, call them back immediately. The value of a lead that was missed begins to diminish rapidly as the potential new customer continues the search for a competitor to handle their needs. Also remember to call back immediately whether they leave a voicemail or not!
  3. Listen First – While on the sales call, don’t be too quick to bombard the caller with sales-speak! Just listen to their issues first, then you can help them with a possible solution which can then turn into a sale.
  4. Don’t Give Prices Too Quickly – Oftentimes, the first question a lead asks is “How much do you charge?” This immediate question infers that you’re service is all about price. But its not! Your service is about service. So prompt them to discuss their needs first, and then let’s talk about price.
  5. Soft Close Over and Over Again – After a long phone call, don’t make the mistake of not closing. Close the sale often (several times if needed) with a soft close like: “What day and time is best to get out their to perform the initial inspection?” This is also much more effective than hard closing which can really turn the prospect away.
  6. Follow Up – Follow up if you don’t get the sale. Some people just aren’t ready to close. Hit them up a day or so later and re-capture some of the sales you missed.

If you need some help doubling, tripling or even quadrupling your pest sales close rates, give us a call. We can help provide leads, scripts, training and help you successfully increase your pest control leads closing ratios!


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