Indirect Benefits of Pestnet®’s Lead Generation

  • August 4, 2017

Dictionary Definition Indirect Benefits of Pest Control Lead GenerationThe main benefit of Pestnet®’s pest control sales lead generation service is immediate sales (apologies for stating the obvious). Direct sales from our leads is the tool by which we measure our success rate for a customer’s campaign. Sales are the primary objective. We want to know if we put $1 in, how many dollars in sales we return on an almost immediate basis. However, this is only the beginning. There are many other indirect benefits of utilizing Pestnet®’s pest control sales lead generation services.

Indirect benefits of Pestnet® Sales Lead Generation

  • Mushroom Effect – Leads that close become customers. Then, whatever normal rate of referrals you experience as a company from current customers, you can bet the newly found customers from Pestnet® driven sales will follow suit and refer at the same percentage rate. Of course service and customer care and quality assurance in the company must remain constant for this to happen. (Long ago, this was actually what companies where hoping to get out of their campaigns, now it’s just a massive added benefit on top of new customer sales).
  • Cross-promoting – With newly converted customers comes the opportunity for up-sells, cross-promoting and bundling. After your new customers feel confident in your service, there is an opportunity to promote other services into your new customer base that can be provided.
  • Huge Exposure – A dynamite lead gen campaign will utilize a diverse mix of web advertising channels including paid advertising, banner ads, local news ads, blog highlights, affiliate channels, social channels as well as other media resources. This channel diversity gives your brand increased exposure as local consumers can view your ads across multiple platforms in various settings. This helps to create a regular flow of people in your area with a need for your services to contact you when they are looking for pest control services.
  • Close Stragglers – Your lead generation campaign will most definitely bring in new sales; but sometimes, potential customer leads need time to think about your service and if it is a right fit for their needs. Most clients experience a steady flow of new customer sales that come from leads that did not close immediately but are returning to become new customers after a few days or a few weeks. Again, Pestnet® focuses on immediate sales but there is a trickle-in effect of sales coming in over time as well.
  • Increased Brand Impressions – Throughout the course of an impressive lead generation campaign, clients most certainly notice the immediate sales that add up from the campaign. But one unnoticed benefit is that thousands of consumers are exposed to the lead generation advertising who do not click-through and who do not close but are exposed to your brand. A certain percentage of these brand impressions will later drive sales directly to your company in the future (just as traditional branding campaigns do, for example, a well-placed billboard, sign or radio branding spot).
  • Call Handling Training – This is where your new potential customers will be assisted and the sales will actually close. Pestnet® records each call received, and these calls can be listened to and evaluated. This provides the opportunity for staff evaluation and company training, and to recognize what your customers are asking, what their expectations are and what to be prepared for with future customer calls.
  • Increased Conversion Rates Company-wide through Call Reviewing – Once your staff is trained and prepared, they are able to meet your customers’ needs with appropriate answers, valuable information and confidence. Not only will this increase your conversion rates, it will also reflect well on your company as a whole in the services you provide. Many Pestnet® clients have seen their conversion rates double company-wide after reviewing lead calls and making adjustments in call representative training (this is a biggie as for an indirect benefits go!).
  • Business Intelligence – When we answer Why? we learn. As mentioned above, all the phone calls are recorded by Pestnet® to be reviewed later. By listening to these calls, issues can be recognized and addressed. This can help with providing better service, customer care and quality assurance in the company.
  • Market Opportunities Appear – Information from your phone calls allows you to determine who is calling, what they are asking, and what the needs are in the community. This allows you to review your available services and the possible changing needs in the area. Imagine you get 10 leads for a service you don’t offer. Maybe its time to think about offering that service?

Grow Sales and Improve Systems

The main benefit of Pestnet®’s Lead Generation is to provide immediate sales, but it also provides an array of other indirect benefits. These benefits build high-quality brand visibility in your local community, increased website traffic through your website and into your office, cross-selling opportunities, increased referrals and more. They also help to strengthen the infrastructure of your office and your team to increase overall sales lead close rates. Each of these benefits creates an opportunity to provide a quality service to your customer and strengthen and grow your business long term.

Check back soon for more detailed information and tips on improved call handling and increased conversion rates of leads into sales.


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