Interesting New Products in Mechanical Pest Control

  • Sept 09, 2022

Many pest control companies in the desert climate areas of the US and also across the globe have spent decades battling scorpions and working tirelessly to keep them out of the homes of their customers and clientele. In Arizona and Las Vegas, for example, many scorpion populations have made their way up from Mexico in palm trees and other landscaping materials that have been transported north and installed into new home developments.

Bark Scorpions Moving In

The dreaded bark scorpion is of particular note, as its sting often causes a powerful and sharp pain and also can cause temporary paralysis near the affected site. Needless to say, no pest control operator wants to receive that phone call when an unhappy customer is calling to complain that they have been stung by a scorpion in their own home, even though they currently pay for regular pest control service.

In Phoenix, Arizona, an interesting new product called the Pest Border can be installed by pest exterminating professionals to exclude scorpions as well as other pests including black widow spiders, crickets, bugs, silverfish and more. The Pest Border Barrier is an possible exclusion solution for pest professionals and could be worth a try if you are struggling to control scorpions and other pests in desert climate areas.

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