Keeping Your Attic Clean and Healthy

  • July 23, 2020

Have you ever heard scratching or something moving around in your ceiling? Most people have pests living in their attic and do not even know it. Some of the most common pests that infest people’s attics are mice, rats, bats, squirrels, raccoons, and pigeons. These nuisances can break in through weakened siding, broken screens or loose vent covering. If you’ve experienced this problem in past, it might be time to think about a full attic clean-out and restoration. Cleaning and restoring your attic can help get rid and prevent pests from building nests and moving in.

Remove the Waste and Clean Out the Junk

While you can pay an attic restoration company hundreds of dollars to get your attic cleaned and sealed, you can save by taking some measures as the homeowner on your own. Some helpful tools to help clean your attic are a vacuum, and a broom. It's also important to clean out and get rid of any unneeded boxes, waste or belongings because pests commonly build nests and reproduce in them. If the entire attic is full, make sure to rent a dumpster so you have somewhere to put all the waste and can properly dispose of it. It is also smart to cut tree branches off that are close or touching the roof. These branches are used by the pests to climb onto the roof and gain access into the attic.

Removing and Replacing Your Attic Insulation

It is also important to get rid of old insulation and replace it. This is something you might want to call a professional to do for you. It is time-consuming and attic restoration companies use specialized equipment to speed up the process. Also, old insulation can contain pest feces and mold that can be dangerous to handle. An attic restoration company can help you throw away any old insulation, sanitize the area, seal up any access points, and blow in new insulation. If you apply a higher R-value of insulation, you could even reduce your heating and air conditioning bill.

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