Lead Generation – What is it? How does it work?

  • August 28, 2017

Pest Control Lead Generation

Lead Generation is the action or process of identifying and cultivating potential customers for a business’s products or services. (Thank you dictionary!) So basically, Pestnet® can supply fresh pest control leads directly to your doorstep on a daily basis! Almost every new lead Pestnet® generates is in decision-making mode and ready to hire a pest management service.

Growth depends on effective salespeople and superb service, as we have discussed previously on our blog; but nothing happens until you have a lead– someone interested in what you have to offer. We generate leads specifically for new pest account sales throughout all four seasons of the year. Our pest control lead generation campaigns are targeted to various service-types, from bed bugs, to termites to general ant control services.

How You Get Leads

We Advertise on Major Ad Networks

Leads come from many avenues, but we have developed methods that are proven to get your phones ringing. We do our advertising on many of the major ad networks. We go to where people are looking, so your information will be there ready for them to see. The best part is that the people calling are almost always in need of your pest control services already.

Pestnet® Builds Custom Trackable Websites and Landing Pages

Not only do we market online through the major ad networks, but we will build a website for your business and your needs. We have found that these landing pages will convert at exceptionally high rates!

Leads are Tracked, Recorded and Delivered for Transparency

It is important to keep track of the details of your business, so why not keep track of the calls that are bringing the business? All of the leads that call your office are tracked by phone. The calls are recorded and then delivered to your office for transparency.

Convert Your Leads Into Profit

Each of the lead calls is directed to your staff. Once the phone is answered, it is important that your sales staff is ready to assist the caller with their pest control needs. This includes providing proper information, setting up an appointment, and beginning their new service. Then superb service and following through on your commitments with each client will drive satisfaction, repeat buying, loyalty, and referrals.

Pest Control Industry Lead Generation Marketing Experts

Pestnet® is proud to be the industry leader for 8 years in a row! Not only do our clients love the volume of leads we produce, but they love the quality of leads. As mentioned above, most of our leads are ready for a pest control service at the time of their call. For the past 8 years, we have generated over 100,000 pest lead calls. Not only that, but we have also recorded over 2 full seasons in live talk time. We are excited to help you take your pest control business to the next level.  Call us to discuss options today!




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