Live Phone Call Leads VS Email Form Submission Lead Generation

  • October 3, 2016

Pest Control Lead GenerationPest control companies are always trying to find the best new customer lead sources possible. The best sources are usually accompanied by high lead-to-sale conversion rates. In this quest to find reliable lead sources with high conversions rates, many business owners stop to ask, “which types of leads are better: phone call leads or form submission leads that are filled out by the lead and delivered to the sales department via email?”

Determining Which is Best

Trying to determine whether phone leads or email submission forms generate the most revenue can be tricky. But what if we were to tell you they complement each other? Live phone leads are ideal for during daylight hours where people have the time to speak with your sales staff and representatives about details and services. On the other hand, email submission forms are more appealing to night owls, or those that can shoot out a quick email while at the office but can’t make the call without arousing suspicion from their boss. These two different leads are excellent strategies to drum up more business, and we encourage both methods. Pestnet®’s lead generation team outlines the pros of each method below.

Benefits of Live Phone Contact Leads Service

100% contact rates. Inbound calls to your pest management company always have 100% contact rate as someone is ready and waiting to continue the call, answer your qualifying questions and potentially schedule appointments.

Personal insight. Answering direct phone leads can assuredly give you more intelligence as to the specific names and contact information, as well as statistics for your demographic information. Optimizing the information acquired can help you with your future marketing.

Immediate responses. Inbound calls are potential clients recruiting your services for immediate action. With such a high statistical account for your inbound call leads, acting as soon as possible will get you more customers.

Make the connection. Phone calls are more personable. You have the opportunity to establish a rapport with your new lead, allowing them the time to feel comfortable with the pest control company that will be visiting their home or business.

Valuable resource. In today’s modern business world, pest management owners often do not properly consider and value the true earning potential phone call leads have. Thinking of them as a drain on internal resources is to the pest company owner’s detriment. Inbound calls are easily nurtured with the right crew members selling your services and closing the deals.

Benefits of Email Form Submission Leads

The submission magic hour. As previously mentioned, night owls are the prime users of online submission forms. Another large user-base of forms includes busy working folks that use a lunch break to take care of quick personal matters; like reaching out to a pest control company to take care of those annoying ants once and for all. Research shows that between 1pm and 2pm is the afternoon magic hour, where folks have returned from a quick lunch break and are studiously submitting their email submission forms.

Email marketing accounts for 61% of form submissions. Using your email marketing tools to their fullest potential is optimal for your pest control company to get email submission form leads. Filling out customer surveys, order placements, and registration for events will generate a lot of exposure.

Survey form. Though some argue survey forms are the longest types, they have been proven to be one of the highest conversation rates. The types of forms available impact the number of submissions you get. Surveys capture the most usable data and give you the most valuable information to gauge popular opinions of your customers.

Lead Generation Services

Pest Control Lead GenerationIn a nutshell, utilizing live phone leads as well as email submission form leads can quickly generate customers for your pest control company. At Pestnet®, we can help you better understand how to increase your live phone leads as well as email form submission leads. Call us today to learn more!


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