New Pesticide Technology

  • November 19, 2013

If you’re wondering where companies come up with such great ideas for new and innovative pest control methods, equipment and technology, you should look to the pest professionals themselves. Oftentimes, a pest control professional will come upon a pest problem that presents a challenge. If there is enough pain in the process of controlling the pest, the professional is almost forced to find new innovative ways to control the pest. Difficulty in controlling certain pests usually manifests itself in the form of frequent callbacks to the same infestation or simply high-cost methods of pest management. These new ways to control pests are usually more economical, less time consuming and even safer than older methods. Inventing and testing pest management equipment and pesticide products is a growing industry. Snell Scientifics is a company that can test the efficacy of pesticides on pests and even help develop a pesticide for more efficient or safer control. They also help clients navigate the approval process with the EPA. Snell Scientifics is a pest research company that operates a full pest research lab in Georgia.


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