Nurturing Leads to Increase Sales

  • August 21, 2017

We recently discussed the indirect benefits of Pestnet®’s lead generation and the benefits of improved call handling. We also discussed how improved call handling could increase your sales conversion rates. The one-on-one interactions are the the temporary stops along the journey your potential customers take before reaching their destination and finally closing into a new sale. It is important, even necessary, to nurture these leads until they are ready to turn over into sales.

Nurturing is Necessary

Nurturing is necessary for the success of closing those lingering leads. Sometimes customers are interested in your service, but not ready for it quite yet. Through lead nurturing you focus on communicating with your customers and hearing their needs to provide the information and answers specific for their situation. This additional and thought-out contact is certainly worth the time and cost it requires. As you nurture your leads and talk them through every stage of the process, not only will they trust you, but they will also be able to find solutions to their unique problems with your help. Then, when the need for your services arises, they will likely come to you!

Customers Need Help in the Buying Process

There is so much information available online that it often times seems that customers do not want to deal with a sales associate during any stage of the buying process. However, this is not the case. Most customers want to develop a relationship through every stage of the sales funnel, especially in areas where they have little experience. They want their questions answered, they want to be heard and helped. They want the information in order to make the best decision.

For example, I was at Lowes last week to get the supplies I needed to build a table. I had previously watched several videos on building tables and had done extensive research. While I was choosing wood, a sales associate, Stan, approached our family. My instinct was to say we were fine, but I did ask his opinion on the wood I was choosing from. He spent the next 45 minutes helping us, answering our questions and listening to our concerns. A relationship was developed (yes he will get a 5 star review online), and our experience was improved. On the way out we decided we would continue to do business at Lowes in the future because of the way we were treated, listened to, and how our needs were met.

Every situation and every prospect is different. It is important to keep this in mind as you are speaking to each client through each part of the process. Just how Stan met our needs and answered our questions at Lowes, expect to do the same for each of your customers. Although they may have done research, they are generally open to options and want to know the best thing that can be done to resolve their issues (especially when it means getting bugs or critters out of their homes).

Nurture Away and Expect Increased Sales Rates

Each of your customers will need to be educated on the services available and the information necessary to make the best choices for their workplaces, homes, and families. By addressing their specific needs and unique circumstances, and providing the information they need, you will be able to help them progress toward the right solution for them. They will have a great experience, leave good reviews, send their friends and family, and return when they need help or future problems arise.

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