Is Online Marketing Really Necessary? (YES! Duh!)

  • October 6, 2017

Choosing to not market online is like not having peanut butter in your PB&J or having Batman but no Robin. It just doesn’t work. You may not want to do any marketing online, but you can be assured all your competition is doing it and they are stealing your potential customers. It is critical to have a strong online presence to remain successful and grow in your business. Getting new daily leads is what will drive your business, and many of these leads come from consumers looking online.

Consumers Are Looking Online

People are constantly looking online and shopping online. It was reported by Internet World Stats that in June 2017 over 88% of adults in the United States and Canada were online. From those people, online surveys show around 97% are going online for their local shopping. More and more people are looking online for the products and services they need. Stated simply, if you’re not there they will never look at you and your business as an option.

Typically, when consumers are looking online, they are already ready or nearly ready to buy. When they find you through your website or on social media, they are in decision making mode and likely to take action. They will look through the options they find online before anything else, so you need to be available for them to see and engage with.

Provide Access to Your Information 24/7

One huge advantage to having an online presence is that your information is available 24/7. It is convenient and easy for consumers to find in their time frame- be that standard business hours or not. Many people who work a full day don’t get off until after your office closes. Providing access to information about your services around the clock, without paying an employee overtime waiting at the office or sitting by the phone, is advantageous to you and to your customers.

In our fast paced and convenience based culture, customers want the convenience of quickly finding your business and researching information about your services on their own. The easier and more convenient the process is for the consumer, the more likely your phone will ring.

Create a Strong Online Presence

Don’t let your competitors gain an advantage over you by choosing not to market online. If you don’t have a plan, start a one today to make or strengthen your online presence. If you’re not sure where to start or  or how to do it, let us show you how! At Pestnet® we pride ourselves on providing you with an online presence that generates fresh daily leads through our marketing and lead generation strategies that work! These leads can be converted into sales and life-long customers.

So put that peanut butter in your PB&J, keep Batman with Robin, and create an online presence that actually works and helps your business be successful. For additional help and tips, and new daily leads, contact our office today! 


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