Online Methods for Obtaining Commercial Pest Control Service Leads

  • September 13, 2016

old fashioned phonePest control companies know all too well the demand for commercial pest control leads. Obtaining these leads is generally accomplished through the annual bidding cycles of commercial property managers. However, there are many quality leads that can be generated from online sources as well; without the long wait times and negotiations. Some opportunities may appear as small commercial leads but quickly develop into sizable commercial contracts. Popular restaurant chains, flex industrial spaces, as well as government buildings from federal and state to county or city buildings are just a few examples.

Techniques for Developing Commercial Pest Leads

Pestnet® specializes exclusively with pest control professionals to assist in meeting the needs of your commercial pest control leads; and landing the clientele you desire. Commercial businesses are always needing pest control services, especially places that cater to the public. This include eateries, retail stores, lodging accommodations, medical facilities and educational institutions. But can these commercial entities be influenced to give you a try online? The answer is quite simply, yes. Online networking is extremely influential in drumming up the business you seek. Impressing them with your customer service skills, exceptional services and other tidbits is the easy part: getting them to hire you is where the work actually comes in and that’s where Pestnet® can help. Let’s explore a few online options.

Social Media Marketing for Commercial Pest Control Leads

For starters let’s look at social media. Before you roll your eyes or question this thought, hear us out. Many professionals profess the key to inheriting clientele is by word of mouth. Instead of thinking of social media as a place wannabe celebrities are trying to get noticed or publicized fights between lovers are highlighted, look at it from another perspective. Social media is “word of mouth” amplified to the nth degree! Once you become “liked” or followed on the various sites, every time the user logs in they are exposed to your feed as well as their friends or followers every time that initial user interacts with it. On average, one Facebook account user has a minimum of 150 friends. Potentially that one person following your page can now expose it to at least 150 people other people. Now those people working at or following other commercial businesses are exposed to your name and you can clearly see how wide this network can be.

LinkedIn for Connecting with Commercial Property Managers

Another effective social platform for developing commercial pest control sales leads include LinkedIn. Here you can connect with property managers and business owners. You can also participate in LinkedIn Groups to connect with decision makers. LinkedIn has paid advertising options you can test as well.

Pest Control Keywords, Trends & Search Optimization Marketing

Search engine optimization is essential for online exposure to commercial businesses looking for pest control services. With this tool in your arsenal, website visitors increase as well as the new sales that coincide. Basically, when the top search engines are being used to search out “commercial pest control services” how does your business rank in the generating list of candidates? This is when it needs to be considered with additional keywords like “exterminator”, “fly control”, “bed bug removal”, “rodent exclusion” and so on. If a business owner or manager is searching out these key words, it is because they desperately want to eliminate a current infestation and are ready to pay for professional services. One of Pestnet® services includes ways we can improve the search engine optimization for your company so that these commercial businesses can find you to solve their pest control problems.

More Online Pest Control Marketing Materials, Ideas & Strategies

Additional online services that increase your commercial leads include; pay per click campaigns, online reputation management, mobile ready websites, online branding and public relations. Pestnet® can provide you quality commercial leads via the use of online tools. Call us today to get started!


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