Pest Control Advertising; 7 Effective Methods for Creating and Deploying Pest Control Ads

  • October 27, 2016

pest control vehicle advertisingDrumming up potential clients for your business is a challenge every pest control company must face. Fortunately, there are quite a few marketing avenues to choose from; both online and offline. Online resources include social media, Google AdWords, Bing ads, and 7 search. Pestnet® examines these more effective methods for creating and deploying pest control ads.

Online Local Small Business Advertising Presence on Search Engine & Listing Sites

  1. Social Media. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter are all very popular social network platforms with millions of people visiting their site every day. Advertising your pest control business on social media can be a goldmine. Even if people do not necessarily click on your ad, you are still getting tons of exposure and people will remember your business name the next time they see a rodent or an insect cross their path.
  2. Google AdWords. Google is well known for its marketing power with advertising. Their AdWords platform is a pay per click marketing platform that is truly worth the investment as it is an effective source for your advertisement. The way it operates for potential clients can lead them to your doorstep, increasing your customer base.
  3. Bing Ads. Bing Ads has a smaller audience than Google but is still rather effective as a form of advertising. It is a little less expensive than Google and a little less productive, but still very effective in getting customers interested in your pest control company.
  4. 7 Search. 7 search is a pay per click search engine as well, smaller yet than Bing, but with effectiveness still worth the investment in advertising for your pest control business.

Other Advertising Ideas & Marketing Strategies for Pest Control Companies

We definitely live in the “online” era, but that doesn’t mean you can’t think out of the box, or should we say out of the net. Your pest control business has the potential to be advertised literally everywhere. But we all know that you need to be smart where you invest in your advertisement, so we would like to share a few effective ideas where you can advertise outside the Internet.

  1. Vehicle Logos. Surprisingly, people remember the magnets advertised on cars. Be sure to include your logo and pertinent information. If you make them too long people stop reading, they want simple and concise. Make it something to remember, when people think pest control that hilarious catch phrase might be what sticks out when they reach for the phone and remember your business. It has proven effective in local situations time and time again.
  2. Radio. Radio is still utilized around the globe. Many folks count on their favorite local radio stations for music, traffic conditions, weather updates and radio personalities. Investing your pest control ad dollars on the radio is still effective. Keep it brief and include your website information for those heading into work to get a closer look as to what you have to offer.
  3. The Classics. You can never go wrong with billboard ads, magazine ads, or other such resources, as long as you price these media options correctly and don’t spend too much. Getting the word out is important and these proven avenues are a great way to get your pest control business exposed to commercial businesses and residential home clientele.

If you are looking for more help in getting your pest control company more exposure contact Pestnet®. We can help you get your advertising on track today!


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