Why Pest Control Clients Need Services Through the Winter

  • October 25, 2017

Most people notice the absence of ants, flies and other bugs as the weather gets cooler, but because they are gone doesn’t mean pest control services are no longer needed. Although some bugs go into hibernation, not all do. I’m not the only one looking for a cozy place to snuggle up. Rest assured (or not so ‘rest assured’), the mice, spiders, and other creepy crawlies are doing the same thing IN YOUR HOME!

Importance of Maintaining Pest Control Services

It is important to maintain pest control services during the winter months. This will not only help prevent diseases, bug bites, asthma, and allergy triggers through the colder season, but it will also help prevent physical damage, chewed wires and odors in your home. Many of these pests are laying low, but still active during the winter. If you do not maintain or control them, you are giving those pesky pets an early jump start into the spring. Be sure you do all you can to protect your home and your family by maintaining your services!.

Attracting Pests

There are many pest attractants in your home that you may not be aware of. There are simple things to look for when inspecting your home. How is your home welcoming these intruders?

  • Attics and basements provide shelter.
  • Easy access entry points.
  • All you can eat buffet.
  • Shelter in areas of clutter around your home.

The best way to keep pests out during winter is to turn your heat off. If your home is colder inside than outside, the bugs won’t bother coming in. Of course that’s a joke! The bugs and critters will find their way in, even when we don’t see where they are coming from. There are spaces between doors and windows, peepholes or gaps in the floor and walls. Many times we don’t see these spaces and openings, but I can guarantee you they will be found and taken advantage of. They also feel welcomed when there are crumbs on the floor and unsealed boxes or packages of food. Dirty gutters, leaf or wood piles, and piles of clutter around the home also provide harbor for a variety of pests.

Small Preventative Measures

Small preventative measures can go a long way. There are many things individuals can do to protect their homes. Knowing where to start and starting simple can greatly reduce pest exposure in your home. Here are some tips to reduce and prevent pest exposure.

  • Inspect the home for holes or gaps and leaky sinks.
  • Remove clutter in and around the home.
  • Keep wood piles as far from the home as possible.
  • Remove any standing water or leaf piles.
  • Keep a clean home and food sealed while stored.

Call The Experts

Following some of these tips will improve your line of defense against these nasty pests and critters. Of course, after trying some of these simple measures in your home, there is often the need for the experts. If problems cannot be controlled by following the steps above, call the experts to take care of the problem and help protect your home and family.

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