Niche Pest Control Websites: Many Niche Sites vs One Main Website.

  • December 20, 2012

Niche Pest Control Websites: Many Niche Sites vs One Main Website.

When do Niche Sites Work? The idea of a niche is a market that is highly segmented and extremely laser-focused. The Internet has made niche marketing a much more popular tactic and easier executed than ever before. For example if you found there was a huge crowd looking for Da Vinci blueprints you could create a site called You could sell awesome products; people would rave about your blueprints. You would be famous in the Da Vinci blue prints world.

Evolution of Niche Websites: Due to the ease of “throwing” up a website, many companies got the idea to setup multiple (even hundreds) of different websites, with the intent that all these separate sites would drive traffic and new business to the company.

Basics of a Dated Strategy: A long time ago search engines didn’t have the technology they do today. Many of the variables they ranked a site depended on keywords in the Meta info, content, and URL or domain name.  So back in the day marketing firms would advise pest control companies and other companies to create multiple sites, for example, because the domain name would hold most the weight when getting ranked in search engines and ultimately traffic, leads, and sales.

Should I Make a Niche Website for every Location or City I do business in? Probably not. Having one main website and adding great content to that website is the best strategy. The search engines are smart and can tell if you have many websites but only one (or few) real locations. Besides, you can now rank subpages on tops search results if you set your website up correctly. So for example, instead of having for Dallas and for Houston, you have as your homepage which could rank for your company in Dallas (your HQ) and you could have (just a another page of your main website) rank on the search engines for your Houston Branch. That way you only have to manage one website and you still get good visibility in multiple locations.




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