Rodent Trapping & Baiting Services: A Foot in the Door to Offer Exclusion Services

  • November 11, 2016

Roof RatThe phone rings–the caller is frantically describing his/her situation. The homeowner witnessed a mouse running along a baseboard or rat droppings in the attic. Obviously, the potential new customer basically wants the rodent problem gone in the quickest amount of time possible (and sometimes the mess cleaned up)! As a pest professional, you are confident in your ability to exterminate these unsightly and unwanted pest-guests. What the new customer usually does not think about is how these furry pests got into the home in the first place. By understanding how they gained entry into the structure, a pest management pro can educate the homeowner on the fact that this particular rodent problem is most likely going to become a recurring problem. Every time rodents look to seek shelter from the cold or when they get desperate to find food or water, they (or other rodents) will use the exact same entry points to re-infest the exact same structure.

Offer a Permanent Solution with a Recurring Inspection & Warranty

Offer a Permanent Rodent Control Solution Packaged with a Recurring Inspection Service & Warranty.

An unseasoned pest control technician might think, “the customer will have to have me back next year for more rodent trapping and that’s good for business”, but a Pro like yourself will know that what’s best for business is permanently solving the homeowner’s problem. A permanent solution for stopping future rodent control infestations involves effective rodent exclusion work, and because exclusion can be such an effective and permanent solution, it can fetch your company big dollars and can even turn rodent work into an annual recurring revenue stream by offering a warranty with an annual inspection to re-warranty the exclusion work.

So next time you generate a rodent trapping or baiting lead for rodent control services. Make sure to get rid of those unwanted creatures and get the sale for the exclusion work and the annual renewal services. With this type of a service-oriented marketing mentality, rodent trapping and baiting services are merely a foot in the door to offer the often needed and larger service of rodent exclusion accompanied by annual renewal work to re-inspect the worthiness of the previously installed rodent proofing measures.

Be THEIR Company!

Turning rodent exclusion work into an annual inspection with a warranty also keeps your company top of mind when the customer experiences other pest problems in the future. The customer no more thinks, “who was that company that solved that rodent problem for us several months ago??” Instead you’re THEIR pest company with annual rodent services, and you standby ready to offer other pest services when the customer’s need arises throughout the seasons.

P.S. – not just mice and rats, but similar approaches can be employed for pests such as squirrels, bird pests and even larger wildlife removal services. If you’d like to learn more about how Pestnet® can bring in more rodent control leads to you pest control company, give us a call today. We’re happy to help you meet your sales goals through effective online sales lead generation.


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