Scorpion Bait

  • May 29, 2012

Complete control of scorpions in and around a home can be difficult. Scorpions have larger bodies which means they can resist a lethal dose of pesticide for smaller insects such as ants, earwigs and cockroaches. Scorpions also have a strong exoskeleton which helps protect their vitals. Perhaps the largest advantage scorpions have against a pest control service is the fact that they do not eat bait. Pest control operators routinely use bait to lure ants, earwigs and even rodents to their demise. But scorpions only feed on live prey which makes it near impossible to manufacture a pesticide bait that they will take, eat and subsequently perish. The first scientist that can create a live (or robotic?) insect that carries a bait pesticide in large enough quantity to kill a scorpion will be a rich person indeed. But for now, scorpion control is left to the traditional tactics of sanitation, mechanical exclusion, chemical barrier treatment and the occasional black-light night hunt.


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