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  • October 1, 2019

SEO for pest control operators is one of the best ways to increase website visitors, leads and sales. How does your company rank on major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo?

Search Engine Optimization for Pest Control Operators

search-engine-marketing-resultsSearch Engine Optimization for pest control businesses is one of the top methods for increasing qualified website visitors and new sales. How does your company rank on major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo? Who shows up in the top positions on Google when someone from your city searches the keyword “Pest Control”? How about the keywords – exterminator, termite control or bed bug removal? When someone searches “bed bug removal,” what they really mean is: "I have bed bugs and I think I need to hire a pest company and pay them lots of money." Pestnet® works so that YOUR pest company appears when potential customers search pest control related keywords. Many of our clients depend on pest control SEO as their most productive new customer marketing tactic. Give us a call to discuss how pest control search engine optimization can help you achieve your company growth goals.

What Makes a Great SEO Campaign for My Pest Company?

Google (and the other major search engines) have made so many changes and updates over the years! In fact, they are constantly updating their search ranking algorithms. So how do you keep up? Our Pest Control SEO Team is often asked these questions: "what is important today for effective SEO?," "what works?," "are the tactics of the past still relevant?." It can be frustrating that the tasks required to execute a well-performing search engine optimization campaign are continually evolving, but to Pestnet®, these changes are expected and even welcomed. This is mainly because the changes drive SEO professionals into a space where they are required more and more to provide website users better data and an overall better user experience...and this is exactly what our team has been striving to do from the very beginning. We aren't super concerned about the latest SEO tactic or fad and are far more focused on the bigger picture of providing the searcher and the website visitor the valuable content they are looking for, answers to their questions, deploying correct data online, creating engaging useful content and having a really good user experience. We find that these important goals tend to lead to great rankings on the search engines and are less prone to disruptions in rankings due to search engine algorithm updates and changes.

Important Items for SEO for Your Pest Control Company

So what are the main important categories of tasks that produce an effective search optimization campaign? Well, there are a lot of moving parts (too many to list here) but here are a few of the most important items:

Professional SEO-optimized Website Design 

Its important to have a great website that is mobile friendly (mobile responsive) and optimized to convert visitors into pest control leads at exceptionally high rates.

  • Professional design without losing that local feel.
  • Mobile-ready (mobile responsive) layout for iPhone, Android and Tablet
  • Conversion optimized with compelling Calls-to-Action (CTA's) and contact forms
  • Onsite SEO code - Optimized title tags, meta descriptions, image tags, keyword driven content, well-thought internal linking with clean, crawl-able, secure HTML code
  • Site speed - becoming more and more important. Nobody likes to have to wait for a site to load these days, especially not on a mobile device!

Local Presence that Includes Correct Info and is Easily Found

Consistent and correct business data and information across all local websites, directories and review site destinations.

  • Name, Address, Phone (NAP) - Its vitally important for a pest control SEO campaign to make sure that the correct business name, address and phone number for you pest control company is properly listed and displayed across all local informational websites and directories.
  • Local Search Profiles - You need a local presence on Google+, Bing and Yahoo. This will allow you to show up on the search engines in the Local Maps Section of the search results.
  • Local Directories - Its a huge bonus to be listed on as many local directories as possible so that there are as many ways possible to be discovered!
  • Review Sites - Last, but definitely not least, make sure you are listed on important review websites such as Yelp, Angie's List, YP and more.

Engaging Content

Engaging unique content that is fresh and updated regularly needs to be a key component of your pest control search engine optimization campaign.

  • Engaging - Text and image content that answers the visitors questions and allows them to quickly find what they're looking for. Basically, content that is helpful!
  • Not dated - You want new, fresh content that is relevant for today and not only relevant a few years ago.
  • Regularly Consistent - new content that is consistently created and regularly being updated and posted; often in the form of a new inside webpage or a new blog post.

Active Social Media Interaction

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter and G+ and more.

This is huge and gaining in importance. Learn more about social media campaigns here.

Favorable Online Reviews


You do a great service! It's important to have happy customers share their experience.

  • Helps Consumer Decide - Studies show potential customers check online reviews before deciding which pest control service to use.
  • Monitoring - Nobody is perfect. Negative reviews happen. It's important to keep an eye out for possible negative reviews. Then you can respond, adjust and get good reviews to balance this out.
  • Reviews on Important Sites - Work on building reviews on the most important review sites in your area such as Google+, Yelp, and more.

Local Press, Brand Mentions and Links

Don't forget how important it is to have others online talking about your pest control company, mentioning your brand and linking to your website.

This list is not meant to be comprehensive or exhaustive. There are hundreds of important aspects to think about when creating an effective pest control search engine optimization strategy. Please give Pestnet® a call to discuss how our pest control SEO campaigns can be a fit for you.


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