Season’s Greetings: Fall Pests

  • September 4, 2018

Hopefully everyone had a wonderful summer, but we know many are enjoying the start of school and the return to a normal schedule and routine. While you are finding your new balance, many Fall pests are heading into your homes to avoid the coming cold and find their new balance too. We have shared common Spring and Summers pests, so we want to highlight the most common Fall pests that will be making their appearance, or getting worse, in the next few months. 

Fall Pests


The common housefly is annoying and quite disgusting. They can carry over 250 pathogens and parasites. They land on and eat your food, then give you diseases. Not a gift anyone would like. Information on fly control is available to help you learn about bait traps and sanitation techniques that can be done at home. If these measures do not work, professional extermination is a recommended option.

Lady Bugs

Ladybugs, late to the summer insect party, seem to make their main appearance during the fall. As they prepare to hibernate for the winter, your home is often chosen as the best place. People can get rid of a few ladybugs on their own, but if there is a ladybug infestation, a licensed pest control operator should be called to evaluate and assess the problem.


You may have already seen them out and about and know a lot about earwigs. While earwigs may be helpful in controlling the population of other bugs, they do have their faults and may damage some seeding vegetables and crops. They mate during the fall and winter, so the male and female are often seen together during this time. Professional help should be considered if an earwig infestation occurs.

Stink Bugs

We know all ladybugs are not ladies, and earwigs don’t live in your ears, but we also know that stink bugs do stink! You may have noticed them this summer, but they are about to get worse. As the colder weather comes, hordes of stink bugs make their way into your much warmer home. Just like getting rid of other pests, there are many do-it-yourself options. If these measures do not resolve the issue, a certified pest control company will help.

Plan of Action

A good plan of action can make the difference as these pests begin to make their appearance. As a pest control company, provide your clientele with a plan they can trust in preventing and removing their pest problems.

Here at Pestnet®, our plan of action is to help your company find the people who are needing help with pest problems. Online searches can be directed to you through our lead generation campaign that is designed specifically for your company and your needs.

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