Season’s Greetings: Spring Pests

  • May 29, 2018


Each season has its own challenges. Most pests like one time of year over another and dealing with each season’s critters requires particular care. Like a good scout, it’s important to “be prepared” to face each pest head on and to make customers aware of upcoming threats. In this series we will be looking closer at some common pests that greet us each season, and how professional treatment is often needed.

Spring Pests

Ah, Spring. Sunshine, flowers, and the threat of invasion from Spring pests! It’s a time of new growth and awakening as pests come out of hibernation to breed, causing havoc in the home and many people will be ready to hire pest control services. Be on the lookout for the major pests that come out in this season:


Ants are among the most common uninvited guests in homes and church picnics. They sneak in through the cracks looking for sweets and other goodies to take back to their nests. A few straggling ants could be scouts waiting to bring the hungry horde right into your home. Large nests will need professional treatment before the colony can be contained.


Although helpful for controlling insect populations, wasps can pose a threat with their painful stings. Queens begin building nests in early spring and, if left unchecked, will grow into colonies that can be large and menacing. Wasps include yellow jackets, paper wasps, hornets, and mud daubers and are interested in sweet foods and drinks, like your soda. Due to their aggressive nature, professionals should remove wasp nests from an area to avoid harmful encounters between the insects and innocent bystanders.


With the emergence of other insects in the Spring, your friendly neighborhood spiders come out to help control unruly populations. But, even though most spiders are harmless to people, it doesn’t mean they’re welcome in the home. Spiders can enter through cracks and poorly sealed windows or doors. They enjoy making dark environments, like basements and corners, their place of residence. In many situations, the only way to control them is with professional treatment inside and outside of the home.


A swarm after a warm spring rain is the perfect date for a termite, but not for homeowners. The swarms are looking for a new place to start a colony and your home could become Termite-ville without the proper precautions. If any swarms are near the home, it’s important to contact professionals right away to prevent damage. There’s no messing around when it comes to Termite-ville.

Plan of Action

As spring is in full swing, it can be helpful to let customers know what they are up against and how they can take precautions for the upcoming months. A good plan of action can make the difference in guarding a home against pests and show reliability to future clientele. At Pestnet®, our plan of action is to help such leads find you and get the help they need. Online searches can be directed to you through our lead generation campaign, and you’ll be ready for them this spring.


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