Season’s Greetings: Summer Pests

  • June 12, 2018

School is out and oh how we love summer! Spring prepared us for the warmer weather and gave us all the itch to go outside, enjoy the sun, lay in the grass, and spend time with the family. There may be a bottle of sunscreen in every bag, a picnic planned every week, and daily trips to the park, but beware of the summer pests that are beginning to make their appearance in your home and on your adventures.

Summer Pests

The spring pests, mentioned in one of our recent blog posts, are here to stay. Now as the warmer summer months progress, there are critters that try to join in on the summer heat and fun as well. Many of these pests are not only annoying, but pose a health risk as well. Here are the top four worst summer pests:

Bed Bugs

Many people wonder when the peak season is for bed bugs. Typically, with the increase in heat and humidity, as well as the increase in travel, bed bugs are more active during the summer months. More movement equates to an increase in bed bug activity. Students are traveling home from college, and families are hosting out of town guests or vacationing and staying in hotels. As people travel, bed bugs become more prevalent in hotels, apartments, homes and other populated areas. As the infestations worsen, professional exterminators are only a phone call away to help in your home or your business. Taking care of your problem early will allow you to sleep tight, because there won’t be any bed bugs to bite!


Just reading or hearing the word sends chills down your spine! Cockroaches may infest homes throughout the year, but they tend to become more widespread during the summer. During the heat of the summer, cockroaches look for somewhere cooler to reside. They quickly find comfort in homes and begin to reproduce quickly. Major precautions should be taken at the sighting of a cockroach, and serious intervention is needed as they multiply. There are many steps that can be taken for prevention including, keeping your home clean, sweeping floors and cleaning counters, fixing any leaking water, and removing clutter and garbage. If prevention measures are not enough, professional pest control companies can resolve the problem once and for all.


The biggest nuisance of the summer might be the mosquito. Not only is their buzzing persistent, but their bites are itchy and irritating. These blood suckers are annoying, and they also pose serious health risks by carrying and spreading diseases. Mosquitoes can spread diseases like Malaria, West Nile, Zika, Dengue and several others. The peak time for mosquitoes is in June, so it is important to take preventative measures early on. Professional pest control companies often provide abatement services for your home, business, and communities. It is important to protect your family and pets, and enjoy your outdoor summer activities this year, by preventing early on and seeking help when needed.  


Tick is another four letter swear word to many. As outdoor summer adventures are on the rise, so is the risk of being bitten by a tick. Ticks are most commonly known for spreading Lyme Disease, but carry other disease that are as equally life changing. Ticks will bite humans and pets, so it is important to take preventative measures to protect everyone. The best methods of prevention are to avoid areas of wet dense foliage, wear proper clothing, and use effective repellent for you and vet recommended products for your pet. Professional measures can also be taken and are quite effective at preventing ticks around your home and property. Professional pest control companies also make an effort to educate homeowners on modifications that can be made and other preventative measures that work hand in hand with their services.

Plan of Action

As spring is in full swing, it can be helpful to let customers know what they are up against and how they can take precautions through the summer months. A good plan of action can make the difference in guarding a home against pests and show reliability to future clientele. Not only do you provide peace of mind when pests are exterminated, but you also aid in public health measures in your community.  At Pestnet®, our plan of action is to help such leads find you and get the help they need. Online searches can be directed to you through our lead generation campaign, and you’ll be ready for them this summer. 

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