Season’s Greetings: Winter Pests

  • December 7, 2018

Fall is over and many are welcoming the winter. Family time, holidays, hot cocoa, and cozy fires are all something to look forward to. As it starts getting colder outside, the winter pests try to get cozy in your home. Because many don’t go into winter hibernation, they are looking for warmer places to spend their time. Here are the most common winter pests that are trying to snuggle up near the fireplace with you.

Winter Pests

Rats and Mice

While rodents can cause problems throughout the year, the winter is the season they are most often spotted inside. They search for warm dark places to escape the cold and wet winter. When they find somewhere to hide, they continue to cause problems from there.

If not handled promptly and properly, rodents can cause serious damage to electrical wires, and spread disease to people and pets. Keeping cracks sealed and doors closed will help keep homes safe, but often times the professionals are needed to evaluate the tiny gaps in the structure of each area in the home.


While raccoons are typically nocturnal animals that take refuge in their dens during winter, many choose to enjoy their winters in an attic or crawl space where food and water are easier to find.

They find their way in through cracks, chimneys, and basements, and they might even slip in through the doggy door. As carriers of several diseases, bacteria, and parasites, they create a health hazard. Safety hazards also rise in homes they invade. They burrow their way in, tear shingles or insulations, build nests, and create messes.

These wildlife infestations are not to be taken lightly. They generally stay out of sight and are difficult to find and remove. They are also dangerous and mean, so contacting a professional to deal with the issue is the safest and smartest way to resolve a raccoon problem.


Nearly everyone jumps at the sight of a spider! While not all are dangerous, some spider bites have serious medical implications. During the winter, they too are seeking refuge from the winter and find their way into warm homes. Because spiders multiply so quickly, spider control is difficult to do properly and alone. When faced with spider infestations, it is important to call the professionals right away to get a handle on the problem before it escalates.

Firewood Pests

These pests hitch a ride when bringing outside wood in for the fireplace or wood burning stove. While most are a nuisance, but of no consequence, there are a few that can multiply and cause problems. Several precautions can be taken, including proper storage, removing pests before entering the home, and putting wood directly into the fire and not storing any indoors. Even with proper precautions, many families that use firewood are bound to see firewood pests in their home. If families are experiencing problems with firewood pests, a licensed pest control operator can be called to evaluate and help resolve the problem.

Plan of Action

Knowing what to do and what to look for can provide a safe home and peace of mind. As a pest control company, provide your clientele with a plan they can trust in preventing and removing their winter pest problems.

Here at Pestnet®, our plan of action is to help your company to find the people who are currently having pest problems with winter pests and need immediate solutions. Their online searches can be directed to you through our lead generation campaign that is designed specifically for your company and your needs.

If you have any questions regarding our lead generation services, please contact our office today!


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