The Secret of Getting Customers to Come to You

  • September 24, 2017

There is a secret recipe in the business world for getting people to come to you! It is hard to compete when there are pages of companies similar to yours in the phone book (if you even still use a phone book), and lists upon lists on an internet search. We want to share with you a few tips on how to get more customers to come to you. We can’t share everything though, some secret recipes will stay secret recipes.


Most people want to do business with someone they know or a company that comes with a referral from one of their friends. A happy satisfied customer is going to be your best source of referrals. In fact, it is one of the most powerful tools for growth in your company, and one of the cheapest too. When customers are happy they love to tell their friends, so it is important to provide some type of referral program to capture those leads. Your clients need a simple way to refer their family and friends to your business. You can offer some type of incentive that fits with your business. It can be anything from cash, discounts, upgrades and much more. If you choose to offer incentives, experiment with a few to see what works best for your company and your customers.

When and how you ask for a referral is also important, as well as what you do with that referral after. When someone is checking out or paying their bill it might not be the best time to ask them for a referral. Find an appropriate time to ask, whether that is before they are billed or after they have seen a clear benefit from your service. Another important reminder is to treat your customers that refer and the referrals they give with the value and respect they deserve. Thank your customers for their referral and don’t let that referral slip away. How you set up your referral generation plan is up to you, but you should begin right away.


People look for online reviews or ask their friends and family for recommendations when buying nearly everything. Most people take what is said online very seriously, whether it is a positive or a negative review. Make sure you provide a quality service and leave them feeling completely satisfied so they are sure to say and write good things. We recently discussed how to meet your customers’ expectations and provide a quality service.  If you can get satisfied customers to leave reviews online and with their friends, you will build your reputation and business. Once again, a happy and satisfied customer will be one of your greatest and cheapest marketing tools. Remember, people will give reviews whether they are good or bad, so make sure they only have good things to say!


Opportunities to network are endless, and it is important to get involved and stay involved in your community so you get your name out there. The Chamber of Commerce or local business alliances can provide opportunities to meet and interact with other businesses and groups. Through this networking you can support and help each other.

To be even more involved in networking you can also sponsor local youth athletic teams, or have a stand at the county fair. The opportunities are endless, but it is important to keep involved and develop relationships in your community.  People want to see, know, and trust you, and then they will do business with you.

Make A Plan

Having a strong plan will help you reach those who need your services. Getting referrals and reviews, and continuing to network, will increase your leads and the success of your company. Help people know where to find you. Trust me, they NEED your services. You provide something that will benefit their homes and their lives. Remember that and have confidence in what you do. Sharing that in positive ways through your services and in the community, and providing a way for customers to give referrals and reviews will help customers find you. As for finding other fresh daily, leave that up to us!


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