Spider Control

Spider Control – Pest Control for Spiders

Spiders commonly enter the home in times of cooler weather or in search of food. While most leave and are harmless, some may choose to stay and become pests. Certain species of spider can be considered a form of pest control in and of themselves, helping to regulate insect pests inhabiting a residence. As long as they remain outside, Garden spiders are frequently welcomed for their ability to eradicate the dreaded aphid.

If a poisonous species, such as the brown recluse, is identified in or around a residence, it is time to consider professional control. Brown recluse bites are debilitating and can even lead to death. Removal by individuals is not recommended for poisonous spiders, but can easily be executed for the common, non-venomous arachnids. Pest control is best applied in the evening hours. Common pesticides can be purchased for simple do-it-yourself solutions, and remember to closely follow all instructions and wear protective clothing. Demon, Suspend, Talstar, Demand, and Tempo are professional and efficient pesticide brands.

Brown Recluse Spider Super Close Up
Brown Recluse Spider Super Close Up

Similarly, dust particles may be used at home or by a professional pest control technician. In the event that a garden spider population has moved residence indoors, dust particles can help eliminate the problem. Dust pesticides work well for treating hard-to-reach areas in the home, such as wall outlets or baseboards. Professional dust pesticides include silica gel (Drione and Tri-Die) and deltamethrin (DeltaDust).

In the case of a small and non-threatening infestation of arachnids, the following natural eradication methods can be used:

Reduce temptation! Reduce clutter inside/outside your home to eliminate nesting sites.

Pay attention to loose soil, mulch, rocks, and lumber. These are common nesting sites.

Maintenance: Seal up all cracks in exterior walls.

Protection! Use weather stripping and replace trim around doors and windows.

Natural pesticides: Control spider populations, but should be used with caution.

Follow all instructions carefully: Use products specifically for ground spiders.

Widespread application of pesticides may be necessary for large infestations and should be done by a professional. “Green shield certified” professional pest control companies can treat infestations with natural compounds, safe for kids and pets.