Spider Traps

No homeowner likes to see an unsightly spider roaming in his or her house. Thankfully there’s a way to rid spiders from residences: spider traps. When spiders sense that they might be in harm’s way, they flee to what they think is a safer area. In actuality, this area is a glue trap designed to appear as a safe haven. The spiders crawl inside and are caught.

The traps are made of glue that is both sticky and nontoxic. It is so effective that it can catch a spider by as little as one leg and prevent it from moving. The effectiveness of a spider trap may be increased by adding bait. Some sticky traps also have a monitor component. This can be used to identify the type or species of spiders getting trapped and the extent of the infestation. The home resident can then take necessary precautions if there are any poisonous spiders in the house. Spider traps can also be used instead of poisonous pesticides. This might be especially helpful in certain areas of the house, such as kitchens.

Spider traps are made of cardboard paper and may be shaped into a triangle or a square in order to work best in its location. An adhesive strip beneath the trap allows it to be stuck against a wall or upside down. The traps may be discarded with everyday garbage. Be careful when handling the trap, however, as the spider within the trap may not be dead yet.

In addition to using traps, spiders can be repelled by always using sanitary measures in your home and by removing wood piles and other outdoor areas that may be considered a breeding area for them. Preventing other insects from entering the home can also act as a deterrent to spiders, as other insects can be a food source for them.