Thinking Twice About Your Preset Plan

  • August 16, 2019

Due to a fast paced culture and technology that is ever changing, the online strategies that worked years ago may no longer be working today. This means that lead generation campaigns and strategies need to be continually evolving in order to be effective at bringing fresh leads to pest control companies

What is Changing?

Everything! It has been said that over 60% of marketers say that lead generation is among the top of their challenges. This partly due to the fact that once someone thinks they have a strategy figured out, something changes. Much of the change comes from consumers and how they change over time –  What do they want to see and how do they want to see it? How are they looking for information and where are they looking? What sources do they use and trust? When do they look for information? All of these questions and more are necessary to consider in the creation of a lead generation campaign. 

Change with the Change

With constant change comes constant learning, and it is important to choose a lead generation company that is continually learning and adapting to the lively world online. Standard preset lead generation campaigns do not work for everyone, or anyone really. It is important to have a lead generation campaign that caters to a company’s individual needs and concerns and can continue to evolve with the growth of the company and changes online. 

Why Choose PestNet

Here at PestNet every new lead generation campaign is designed uniquely for each company. We have been doing this for years (and have been the industry leader for 8 years in a row) and have a proven track record that our strategies work. Our success is directly tied to the successful growth of each company we work with, and we take that very seriously. We are pleased to have a very high retention rate and care deeply about delivering quality service. We work closely with each client and continually adapt to individual needs and concerns through the process. 

If you’re searching for a lead generation company that works exclusively with PCO’s, or you have questions and want to discuss options, contact our office today and start receiving calls immediately!


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