Tips on Choosing a Lead Generation Company

  • June 12, 2020

Getting More for Less

Every business wants more; more leads, more content, more followers, more brand awareness, and more sales. Most businesses, however, are not sure the best way to get more, so they end up wasting time and resources with very little results. Often times, the companies that slow down and focus their efforts are the ones who see the best return. How is this possible? How can you do less and get more?

The answer is simple - Lead Generation!

Why Choose Lead Generation

Lead generation is essential to any company, regardless of what you do. In order to make a profit, you have to have sales, and to have sales you have to have consumers interested in your product. Lead generation finds those consumers for you. It sounds simple, but it is a challenging undertaking and something that cannot take second seat to other business matters.

Choosing the Right Lead Generation Company

Because many lead generation systems fail, it is important to choose the company and strategy that will be best for your company. Often, entrepreneurs quit before they have given their sales funnel sufficient time to succeed. In many instances, these campaigns require a significant amount of time and resources. Our lead generation strategies, however, provide fast and lasting results. You will have fresh daily leads of people who are ready NOW for pest control services. Here are a few tips on what to look for while choosing a lead generation company.


While many lead generation companies have experience in getting leads, finding a company that has experience in your field of expertise will be a huge advantage to your company. They will be able to find leads that are actually interested in the product or service you provide, because they know what type of leads they are looking for. Rather than spending time and money trying to figure out how to get fresh leads specific to your needs, the successful tools are in place and ready to work AND evolve for you.


It is important to know what the company’s process is for generating leads. Cold calls are not successful ways for building lists, whereas, a comprehensive marketing strategy will generate high quality prospects. Understanding the process of a company is an important part of deciding which company to use, because their strategy will affect the number and quality of leads that your company receives, thereby affecting your company’s sales and success.


Any reputable and reliable lead generation agency employs digital tools that allow them to automate, track, and manage the various aspects of their services. The quality and scope of the tools they use reflect the kind of company they are and how much they are willing to help their clients achieve the results they want.

Pestnet® Strategies

We have continued to prove our strategies work and we are in it for the long haul. With experience, a proven process, and resources that provide real time tracking for websites and phone calls, we have been voted number one in our industry over and over. Our pest control lead generation campaigns are 100% transparent and fully trackable. As we have always said, ‘our success is tied to the successful growth of our clients’ businesses’, and we take that very seriously.

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