‘Tis the Season of the Off Season

  • October 14, 2017

During the winter months pest control service sales are often lower than the rest of the year. Many companies look for opportunities to supplement their businesses during these times. A really great option during the winter is Christmas decoration installation.

Supplementing Your Slower Winter Months

Christmas light installation and holiday decoration might be an attractive option for your company during the Christmas season, and there are many reasons why. Not only does it provide increased sales, but it is also a great way to continue to give your crews work for 6 weeks prior to Christmas and several weeks after. Christmas is the most popular holiday in America and the favorite holiday of most people, but their least favorite part is cleaning up and putting away the decorations. There are many accidents related to pulling out, putting up and taking down Christmas decorations. In 2015 US News reportedIn November and December of last year, an estimated 13,000 people were treated in emergency rooms around the country for injuries tied to holiday lights, Christmas trees, ornaments and other decorations, according to the CPSC.” They even recommended hiring out the work to be done, if possible. 

As beautiful as Clark Griswold’s home was, and as much fun as he had, sometimes the decorating should be left up to the professionals! It’s too late to help Clark, but you can help others to not have blown fuses, tangled light strands, shut down the city power grid, and miss hours and hours of family time.










Services You Can Provide

Not only can you deliver peace of mind, decrease your client’s cost of purchasing decorations,  and decrease injuries in your community, but you can also feature:

  1. Storage of lights and decorations.
  2. Options to build displays each year.
  3. Customized design for each property.
  4. Service and maintenance of lights and decorations.
  5. Safe and timely installation.
  6. Timely take down services.
  7. Decoration replacement.

These are just a few of the benefits of the services you can offer. There are certainly other options and services you could provide as well, based on the needs and requests of your community.

Begin Offering Additional Services

People are often looking for help during this time and your company is most likely set up to begin offering these additional services. December is fast approaching, so this is a great time to look at Christmas lighting and decorating as a supplement to your pest control services during the winter.

You can even consider our lead generation services for your Christmas lighting and decorating as well as for your pest control company. We can get you fresh daily leads from people who are needing your services. Contact our office today with any questions.


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