There is Value in Every Lead, Even the Leads You Don’t Win

  • Sept 09, 2022

Every lead that comes your way creates value for you and your company, even the leads that do not convert to a sale. The most skilled salesman does not close 100% of leads, because at the end of the day the consumer has the choice and will not always choose you. Remember, even those leads that you do not win will provide value for you and your company.

Value in the Closed Lead

Do we really even need to write anything here?

Obviously the value of closing a lead in the pest control industry results is $$ made. The way to close that lead is a whole different ball game. We have shared multiple tips on the blog about converting leads to sales, nurturing leads, and tips to increasing close rates that may be helpful. Every closed lead is valuable and learning the art of closing leads is crucial to a successful business.

Value in the Missed Lead

This is the confusing part. No closed lead is no $$ made, so where is the value here? If you are continually trying to grow and improve your company, missed leads become just that - opportunities for growth and improvement. They become real chances to learn, and with fully trackable phone calls, you can review conversations to learn WHY you did not win.

Moving Forward

Keep doing what you are good at, and analyze the areas you can improve in. Don’t change everything, because there’s no reason to change the things that are already working. Recognize your strengths and build on them, and then identify your challenges and work on those too.

Here are just a few ideas to think about as you review the leads that did not close:

  • Did you demonstrate expert knowledge?
  • Did you hear and answer their questions?
  • Do you understand your customer base and their needs?
  • Did you instill confidence that you are the best to do the job?
  • Was the estimate you provided fair and clear?
  • Did you remember to follow up?
  • Did you ask for the sale?

Losing the win is difficult, but as you take opportunities to learn from those losses and prepare for future leads your business will grow and your conversion rate will increase.

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