What is the best pesticide?

  • May 15, 2012

This is a loaded question. What is the best pesticide for ants, scorpions, bed bugs; this would be much easier to answer. To answer this question, we must first find out what makes a pesticide good. A good pesticide will usually have the following characteristics-

  1. Long lasting – Pesticides breakdown due to harsh conditions such as rain, humidity and extreme heat. Pesticides that are micro-encapsulated boast 90 day effectiveness. Micro-encapsulation is the process whereby the active ingredient in a pesticide is encased in a microscopic gel cap. This allows the pesticide to release over time and helps to withstand moisture and extreme temperatures that would otherwise degrade the active ingredient.
  2. Less resistance to the active ingredient has built up in pests – Pests are able to build resistance to certain pesticides over time. Newly created formulas tend to work better because pests have not had significant time to build up resistance to these pesticides.
  3. Powerful – Some active ingredients are simply more powerful, or kill more effectively, than other pesticides. Lambda-cyhalothrin is known to control pest more effectively than bifenthrin.

Know that we know what makes a “good” pesticide, we can find a best of bread. Remember also that other characteristics may be important to choose the best pesticide including organic, price etc. When gauging the effectiveness of pesticides, we have found Demand CS or Border to be one of the most powerful and long lasting pesticides. These pesticides contain Lambda-cyhalothrin as their active ingredient and are micro-encapsulated to last a considerable time around a structure.


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