Zika Virus Leading to an Increase Demand for Mosquito Control Services

  • October 10, 2016

Zika Virus Leading to an Increase Demand for Mosquito Control Sales Leads

mosquitoMosquitoes all over the world are known for the potentially deadly viruses, ailments, and diseases they can transmit as they fly from host to host in search of bloody sustenance. Americans often hear about how other countries are stricken with severe if not fatal mosquito transmitted diseases. But once those viruses and illnesses become a reality in the United States, citizen’s panic and demand for mosquito control escalates. With several confirmed cases of Zika in the U.S., the masses are hysterically searching for solutions provided by professional experts.

Mosquito Barrier Control Services

Pest management companies offering mosquito control generally offer a few effective means in mosquito control; spraying treatments and outdoor misting systems.

  • Mosquito Control Spraying Treatments. The barrier spray treatments are widely supplied to customers seeking reprieve from the ongoing mosquito presence. With mosquito spraying treatments only taking approximately 20 minutes to perform and lasting up to 3 weeks, the treatments are commonly used and highly effective. The formulas are generally designed to target mosquitoes, but as an added benefit, many ticks, fleas, and flies succumb to the spray barrier. Even if rain is in the forecast, the spray method is still a good choice that customers have experience and feel comfortable with.
  • Outdoor Mosquito Misting Systems. Outdoor misting systems that are commonly known to many customers as “mosquito misters” are a favorite. This method is designed to deliver a fine mist of pesticides through spray nozzles mounted strategically along the perimeter of the home and landscaping. Either featured with a timer to deliver a mist at specific times and/or with the use of a remote to manually execute a mist in an effort to keep the mosquitoes at bay.

Matching Supply with Demand in the Pest Control Industry

With pest management companies utilizing these popular and effective methods of mosquito control, it is important that people looking for these services can find them. And pest control companies that didn’t previously offer mosquito control before, will benefit by offering mosquito spraying treatments and misting systems to expand potential sales leads and secure regular customers.

Backyard & Home Mosquito Control Marketing

Pest management companies looking to expand their mosquito division can start getting the word out in a number of ways; the most recommended being via the internet. Most consumers turn to their favorite search engines when it comes to buying products and services. Gaining exposure online is a perfect place to start! Below are a few examples of how you can start getting the leads to grow your mosquito division and your other pest control services:

  1. Website Revamp. Revamp your website to include mosquito related keywords, if you have a web designer, solicit them to assist you in promoting your mosquito control services.
  2. Social Media Engagement. By actively engaging consumers on the many social media platforms available, your business can get exposure. The more social media sites you take advantage of, the more people will see you. Include ongoing promotions for your mosquito control and share some photos as well as “tips of the day” regarding mosquito control.
  3. Mobile-friendly Website Design. Many consumers turn to their smart phones for convenience. Investing in a mobile friendly website can reach a broader audience of potential leads.

Mosquito & Pest Control Lead Generation Marketing

There are many other ways the Internet can assist you in retaining your valued regulars, as well as gaining potential new customers, and protecting them from Zika Virus and other ailments caused by mosquitoes. Call Pestnet® today to learn more!


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