Pavement Ants

Pavement Ants

Pavement Ants Scientific Name: Tetramorium caespitum

Where oh where would you find a pavement ant nest? You guessed it—in the pavement! Pavement ants build small, crater-like nests near cracks in the sidewalk and pavement especially if located close to a lawn. They are often the ants you see forming a large black ant pile in your summer lawn. Occasionally they can be found in the home, with nests near cracks in the foundation or near a source of heat. Pavement ants, like most ants, think honeydew and sweets taste really yummy; however, they prefer meats and greasy foods. Often they will also feed on young plants in your prized flower garden!

A bite or sting from a pavement ant is not anything serious and it shouldn’t hurt too much because it will be very small. If the bite bothers you, it can be treated with basic over-the-counter medications, such as calamine lotion and antihistamine, which will help stop the itching and burning.

Pavement Ant Control

If you have had it up to here with pavement ants and want them to hit the road, consider calling a professional. Professionals will use one or more of the following methods.

  • Insecticide barriers: This treatment is way more effective than any “No trespassing!” signs you may have put up. It consists of putting insecticide chemicals on or close to places of entry for the Pavement ants. One example involves putting a coating of insecticide on doorsills to kill or repel intruding ants.
  • Poisoned baits: Sponsor a feast for your unwanted guests. This treatment entails putting out toxic bait that the ants readily carry back to their humble abode for their—unbeknownst to them—last meal.
  • Nest toxicants: Make it rain on their parade. The most effective of all treatments involves dousing the nest and surrounding area directly with toxicants. This is best when the nest is located outside.

Pavement Ants Green Pest Control Solutions

If you’re interested in an environmentally-friendly way to rid yourself of pavement ants, consider the following green solutions to discourage these ants from coming back.

    • Caulk and block areas of entry.
    • Trim the tree: Trim back trees and shrubbery away from the house to destroy any natural bridges.
    • Do some home improvement. Replace leaky pipes and moist materials.
    • Your mom was right; you need to clean your room! If you have a problem with Pavement ants, you need to do some thorough cleaning. Sweep areas free of food crumbs, wash the floors, vacuum, clean recyclable containers before using, etc. You may even want to apply a vinegar-water solution on hardwood floors to destroy Pavement ant trails.