Bat Control

Pest Control for Bats

While most bats are harmless to humans, they can pose a threat to other animals, specifically horses. Horses can easily contract the Ebola virus from carrying bats. If a property with horses is suspect of a local bat roost, exclusion methods can be considered as a means to relocate the roost to a safer and more useful location.

Though usually mild creatures, bats may bite a human if provoked. Professional exclusion methods are therefore encouraged when handling larger bat populations. Because of the bats’ undeniable benefits to their surrounding environment, green exclusion methods are strongly recommended, though it may take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to remove unwanted pests in this manner.

It is not advised to carry out the exclusion process without professional assistance, due to the risk of disease, but in the case that a professional is unavailable, appropriate masks and long sleeved gloves are required in the event of exclusion to prevent bites on open skin. Common methods of exclusion include:

Allow easy exit: Installing a one-way escape such as a bat cone or valve.

Prevent re-entry: Installing bird netting on any openings to prevent bats from re-entering the dwelling once evacuated.

Sanitize! Be sure to clean the nesting area, and use a strong disinfectant and clean all floors and walls.

Repeat step 3: Repeated cleaning may be required to ensure cleanliness and successful disinfection.