Baby Cockroaches

Baby Cockroaches – Sign of a German Cockroach Infestation

While baby cockroaches may not seem threatening, they could be a sign that hundreds of larger adult cockroaches are nearby. Even worse are baby German cockroaches, which, unlike the average cockroach, can be difficult to control.

Baby German cockroaches can infest all types of structures such as large commercial buildings, hotels, business office break-rooms, restaurants, warehouses and residential homes. Unlike most cockroaches, the German roach doesn’t lay eggs. Instead, the female carries an egg-sack around on her body until it is time for the baby cockroaches to emerge. This means that if a homeowner sees baby cockroaches, their adult parents must be nearby as well.

Cockroach bait stations are very effective in controlling an infestation of adult and baby cockroaches. Cockroach bait stations typically contain a small amount of peanut butter-like substance laced with pesticide. It takes only a short time to kill the roaches after they take the bait. It is common to see an increased number of adult and baby cockroaches until they eventually die. Within 12-24 hours of placing bait stations, a homeowner will find dead roaches, sluggish roaches, or even roaches feet-up twitching in various parts of the home. These are all signs that the bait poison is effectively killing the cockroaches.

Cockroach bait stations contain poison, so they should always be kept out of the reach of children and pets. Cats and dogs are especially prone to eating the traps once they sense they smell of peanut butter. Ingesting a bait station can be extremely dangerous, especially to small animals. The easiest way to prevent this from happening is by placing the traps behind furniture, under sinks, or in other cracks and crevasses in the home where cockroaches gather but allow limited access to humans and pets.

If homeowners are still noticing cockroaches after a week or two, a professional exterminator service may be needed to completely eliminate all of the adult and baby cockroaches.