Millipedes in the Home

If a homeowner finds millipedes in the home, rest assure there are more outside possibly in water meter boxes, under piles of leaves in gardens, and under the shrubbery near the foundation of the home.  Millipedes have numerous body segments and legs.  This sets them apart from insects, which have three clearly defined body sections and three pairs of legs.  They tend to be brownish, elongated, and cylindrical creatures with two or four pairs of tiny legs per body segment.  They can have around 80 to 100 tiny legs and they can be anywhere from ½ to 6 ½ inches in length.  Millipedes normally feed on rotting leaves and other decaying matter and in the hot summer months their habitat is often destroyed due to the heat.  They wander in search of moist, damp, and dark locations.  During these times it is not uncommon to find millipedes in the home.  Indoor control is very simple.  As they stray indoors the homeowner can sweep them out or even pick them up with a vacuum cleaner.  Sealing cracks and all openings from the exterior of the home is necessary to prevent further invasion.  Pest control around the foundation of the home and into the yard will finish the job.  Start by removing moist hiding places around the home.  This includes removal of rotting wood, decaying leaves, and grass.  Lastly, spray pest product around the foundation of the home, in and around all shrubbery and all cracks and crevasses in the walkways.