Spider Mites on Weed

Spider Mites On Weed

Spider Mites On Weed

Spider Mites on Weed: Medicinal Crop Killer

Your journey to growing medical marijuana has its highs and lows. Growing is a matter of cost vs. benefit. A high cannabis plant mortality rate will drive up the cost of producing medical marijuana, thereby making it difficult to afford the therapeutic benefits medicinal marijuana has to offer. One of the biggest fears that many growers have is that their plants will be infested by spider mites, often called Marijuana Spider Mites or Cannabis Spider Mites. Marijuana Spider mites puncture the marijuana plants’ cells in order to feed. Spider mites are also prolific reproducers: one female Spider mite can multiply one million fold in just a single month. You don’t have to be a botanist to know what type of devastation Marijuana Spider mites can do to these plants.

So how do you know if you have Spider mites on a medical marijuana plant? The first sign of Spider mite infestation is visible small black dots underneath the marijuana leaf. These small black dots are the spider mites. The second sign of Spider mites on marijuana is an abundance of webs all over the marijuana plant. Within a month to six weeks you will notice the marijuana plant begin to wither. The leaves wilt and the plant gives the appearance of an under-watered, dehydrated or otherwise neglected plant. This is due to the fact that the Spider mites are depleting the plant of its nutrients. If you notice you have Spider mites, it is best to rid them of the plant immediately.

There are many chemical sprays available to get rid of spider mites, but it is often more effective to use a natural or organic approach. Several popular organic methods of getting rid of spider mites on cannabis are as follows:

Spider Mite Predators

There are several insects that can be introduced into a Marijuana Spider mite infestation. Each can be purchased from online gardening supply stores.

Ladybug Spider Mite Killers: Ladybugs devour spider mites. Buy lots of lady bugs as they eat Spider mites on cannabis. After the Spider mites are eliminated, the ladybugs will begin to die off as well. If you don’t care to have dead ladybugs everywhere, you can buy an inexpensive bug vacuum to collect the remaining live ladybugs and let them outside safe and sound.

Phytoseiulus persimilis; Marijuana Spider Mite Killer: Phytoseiulus persimilis, commonly referred to as the Spider mite predator is actually a mite itself. However, it doesn’t feed on plants, but on mites. Its cannibalistic nature earns it the name Predatory mite. Phytoseiulus persimilis is a useful control method for a variety of different Spider mites. Introduce P. persimilis into a marijuana Spider mite infestation and it will work with tenacity to devour the problematic Spider mites.

Spider Mite Sprays

Nontoxic Spider Mite Spray: Einstein Oil is a product that works well to control Spider mites on marijuana. It is 100% nontoxic. The one downside to this product; not only does it kill spider mites, but it also kills any other bugs that help plants such as worms in the soil.