How to get rid of weevils

Weevils often dwell in flour, though they may hide out in any food item that is dry, such as cereal. These beetles can spread e.coli and other unwanted diseases if they are consumed by humans. Weevils prefer dirty environments, so it’s important to keep food in containers that are clean. It’s also important to keep shelves and the surrounding area clean.

If a weevil infestation is suspected, sticky traps may be placed within a storage unit. Any products that have been infested should be discarded. Foods that are close by should also be carefully inspected. It is recommended that insecticides not be used to eliminate weevils inside home food storage since the food is made for consumption by humans.

In addition to eliminating food that has been infested, all items should be removed from the shelves where the infested food has been stored, and a vacuum should be used to clean the shelves. Both shelves and crevices should be vacuumed thoroughly. Shelves should then be washed with white vinegar. The bags from garbage and the vacuum should be removed from the home. Once these steps have been taken, it’s important to check back regularly to ensure that the weevils have not returned. If they have, one should repeat the steps and remember that it may be difficult to eliminate weevils immediately.

Fumigation is necessary in order to control a large weevil problem. Fumigation will kill both weevil adults and larvae. Grains may be heated to 140 degrees Fahrenheit for approximately 15 minutes to eliminate larvae. This, of course, may decrease flour’s ability to bake properly.