Bee Control

Bee Control – Pest Control for Bees

Most bees will choose to stay in the vicinity of their hive. If this is located in yards or other residential areas, it can be a welcomed creature because of its aid to pollination and honey production. However, if allergic reactions or large populations of bees are a concern, these creatures can be removed relatively easily. Removal is best done in the night, as these insects are usually active during the day. Bees return to their hives at dawn and dusk, and hives can be monitored to determine when the colony is the busiest.

Insecticides are an efficient means of controlling or eliminating bee populations. These should be applied directly on the beehive rather than on the bees themselves, and beekeeping suits are strongly recommended for the extermination process. When disturbed, bees will likely swarm the immediate area surrounding their hive. Professional assistance is available in controlling the bees’ population as well.


In the event that bee populations visit but live off premises, bee traps can be used as effective pest control. This is an easy process that can be executed with household items. Simply set out a few cans with honey or soda inside. Bees will be attracted to the sweet scent, but they will be trapped in the substance within the containers. Disposal and replacement of these traps is expedient and convenient, but it is important to confirm that any insect within is dead before removal to ensure live insects aren’t jostled loose to sting in defense.