Do You Have Bees In The Chimney?

Bees In The Chimney

While performing a routine pest inspection, I heard a customer say, “I hear buzzing in the family room. Are those bees in the chimney?” It only required one quick glance up the chimney to confirm the homeowner’s worst suspicion. I then proceeded to prepare the this customer and her home for a bee removal service right there in her family room.

Africanized honeybees will build hives in the most unconventional places. When it comes to these aggressive bees, it is possible to find bees in the chimney. But why would they choose your chimney as a place to build a hive? Most European Bees are very selective in the process of choosing a site for a hive. Africanized honeybees however, have migrated all the way from Brazil and have adapted to many different climate types along the way. Starting in forest and jungle terrain, and moving through grasslands and desert, they have learned to build hives in places other than trees. Africanized honeybees, often referred to as killer bees, are known to build hives in cavities in and under rocks and in hollowed logs. Africanized bees usually seek out an open space, sheltered by a wall with a small opening which they can use as an entrance. The perfect example is the irrigation box. Bees see these as the perfect place to build a hive. Irrigation boxes are basically secure hollow boxes with a small hole (used to open the box with a screw-driver) which they see as the perfect entrance and exit.

If you hear buzzing inside and suspect bees the chimney, call a pest professional. Don’t try to do this one yourself! Don’t aggravate the hive by starting a fire in the fireplace. Leave this one up to the pros!