How Do I Get Rid of Carpet Beetles?

How To Get Rid of Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles are very difficult to control.  Knowing how to get rid of carpet beetles requires an understanding of their eating patterns and habitat needs. These beetles quickly spread throughout a home, and have many different food sources.  Carpet beetles eat any fiber that contains animal products.  Damage from carpet beetles is often mistaken for clothes moths.  The larvae of the carpet beetle feed on animal products, including wool, silk, and other fabrics.  Carpet beetle larvae cause a lot of damage in the immediate vicinity, and clothes moths cause damage in scattered spots.

Since carpet beetles are able to spread throughout a home, they can be difficult to control.  These beetles can cause quick damage to carpets, clothes, mounted animals, and food in the pantry.  If an infestation of carpet beetles is left alone, they can quickly spread throughout the home and cause extensive damage.

Constant cleaning is the best method of control.  Vacuuming consistently can remove food sources in the carpet and remove eggs and larvae.  After vacuuming, be sure to immediately empty the vacuum in the outside garbage.  Regularly dry-clean your clothes, and clean upholstered furniture.  If carpet beetles have infested the stuffing of pillows or furniture, a fumigant can be used.  Due to safety issues, pest control companies apply these fumigants.  Sticky traps that are specifically infused with carpet beetle pheromones are very effective.  Insecticides may be used for extreme infestations.  Be sure to check labels to see if products can be used indoors.  Dust insecticides can be used for inaccessible areas such as between walls and in the attic.