How Do I Get Rid of Stink Bugs?

How to Get Rid of Stink Bugs

Stink bugs are known for their potent smell and their tendency to feed on crops. Stink bugs are more difficult to exterminate once they have a foothold in an area.

Prevention is an important first step. Some tips include ensuring that all windows and doors are sealed properly and that both air vents and chimneys have screens placed over them. If you have a garden near the house, make sure that the plants are not in direct contact with the house. Stink bugs are especially attracted to tomato plants. Leafy plants should be kept up to 18 inches from the house.

When controlling the bugs through prevention isn’t an option, controlling can be effective option. You can try mixing 32 ounces of hot water with three-fourth cups of dishwashing soap. (Dawn should do the trick.) With this mixture, spray the outside of your house, especially concentrating on any potential entry spots such as cracks, windows, and doors. Anti-bacterial dish soap may be more effective but has more chemicals than the average dishwashing soap.

Since stink bugs will often invade a home in search of protection from winter weather, they will often enter crawl spaces and attics. Bug zappers draw them in and make sure the bugs get killed in one area. Stink bug traps can be placed in other areas of the house and outside as well. Pesticide will also work to reduce stink bugs in your surroundings. In a pinch, Lysol will work when directly sprayed on the bug.

Your vacuum cleaner can also be a great ally to reduce the bugs. Stink bugs can be vacuumed up both inside the house and off the home’s exterior. Once the bugs have been vacuumed, the vacuum bag should be placed in a trash bag, sealed, and discarded.

If you still have difficulty controlling the infestation after exhausting all these measures, it may be best to call a pest control company.