Do You Have Centipedes in Your House?

Centipedes in the Home

Centipedes are often thought to have hundreds of legs because they have one pair of legs per body segment.  In reality they have around 30 to 100 legs depending on how mature the creature is.  They tend to be over 1 inch in length and have a brownish color.  Their normal habitat is moist, dark places.  They prefer living under rock beds, decaying leaves, and woodpiles near the side of the home.  Centipedes are pests that often invade buildings and homes.  They have long legs and can dart out of site when you find them.  When they enter the home, they immediately search for dark and moist locations to settle.  Centipedes in the home are typically found in damp areas of a basement, closet, in bathrooms and under the kitchen sink.  You may find them after dark because this is the time when they come out to search for insects to eat.  Knowing how to get rid of centipedes is important because they do pose harmful risks to you and your home.  When disturbed some of them will bite, leading to discoloration and even swelling.  The first step to controlling them is disrupting their natural habitat.  Start by removing all fallen leaves and grass mulch from the garden and shrubbery.  Airing out these damp places discourages them from finding comfortable habitat and feeding grounds.  Pesticides need to be applied in these very same locations to control centipedes in the home. Indoor treatment is the second step.  Start by spraying all door wedges and window seals.  Treat along all baseboards, behind couches, and around plumbing systems. As a result of your efforts you will control not only centipedes in the home, but other insects that these pests feed on.