How Do You Kill Centipedes?

How to kill centipedes

With its creepy-crawly legs, a homeowner may find it unnerving to find a centipede roaming in their house. Centipedes typically dwell alone, and it is best to kill them when you first see them. Centipedes thrive in moist environments and can even be found crawling out of sinks or bathtubs. They can often be found in cooler areas, such as attics, during warm summer months.

While centipedes may be considered helpful in a home—they often catch and eat other small insects and spiders—most people don’t want them around. To control them, it’s best to eliminate damp areas by keeping areas in the home as dry as possible. Dehumidifiers are helpful to this end, as well as clearing out damp areas where they might be found, such as closets, basements, or anywhere where there’s a build-up of moisture. Setting up glue traps along the floors and in the corners can help manage a centipede problem. After using treatments inside, it’s important to also use an outdoor treatment along the perimeter of the house. A liquid insecticide can be used along the outside of the home. Chemicals aren’t generally recommended to kill centipedes.

Additional measures can be taken to get rid of centipedes, such as eliminating clutter, thus reducing their potential hiding places, and vacuuming them and other insects that they would typically eat. Centipedes often wander around the home at night in search of food. Putting a sticky glue trap in the corner of rooms is the best way to catch them as they tend to crawl near baseboards. This technique may be effective in capturing most centipedes in your home.