Do You Have Fleas In Your Carpet?

If a cat or dog live in your home, chances are high that you will have fleas. Not only is the carpet home to fleas, but also to eggs, larves, and cocoons. Carpets provide a warm, comfortable environment for them to dwell. Larves can actually subsist on the natural fibers of the carpet.

Not treating the problem will only make it worse; the fleas will continue to multiply in your home. Fleas bite both people and animals, and the bites create small bumps that are red and are accompanied by an irritating itch. Pets should first be treated for fleas. After this is done, action should be taken immediately to rid the carpet of fleas.

There are several steps one can take to bid farewell to the fleas. The first step is to buy large containers of salt. At least one container should be purchased for each room that is carpeted. Next, vacuum each carpeted floor to start getting rid of the fleas. The vacuum bag should be quickly removed, put in a garbage bag, and put in the trash outdoors. The bag should be tied shut. This will ensure that the fleas do not get back inside.

The next step is to cover freshly the vacuumed carpets with salt. It can be spread all over the carpets. However, hold off from spreading salt in your bedroom. Spreading the salt over all the other carpets should be the last thing you do before going into your bedroom at night. Take your pets in your room with you. The fleas will perish from the salt because it dehydrates them.

The next morning, vacuum all the salt off the carpets, and then allow your pets to leave your bedroom. That same morning, spread salt over the carpet in your bedroom. This will have the same effect as it did in the other rooms, killing all the fleas. Your bedroom may be vacuumed right before going to bed. The vacuum bag can be taken out, put in a trash bag, and taken outside.

Maintaining clean carpets are the best form of preventing fleas in your home.